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Terry and Paul's video work is astounding!  They really know how to capture the essence of what needs communicated through video, plus create the highest level of professional promotional pieces.  If you're a speaker, author, entrepreneur or anyone interested in having the world see the best of you...have Paul and Terry at Lupine Productions produce your video...you'll be thrilled!

Gina Ratliffe
The Esther Experience (www.estherexperience.com)

The beauty of working with Paul as an editor on an entertainment project is that he is a filmmaker. So from the exquisite choice of music to match the mood of a given piece to the rhythm of the editing on a film - he captures the essence of a project. In addition, his expertise as a photographer and cinematographer brings added value to the visuals of a project.

I hope Paul can be part of any project I produce.

Fern Field
Emmy Award winning and Oscar Nominated Producer

Lupine Productions, thank you for your creative artistry and incredibly prompt professional response to requests and edits! The work you have done for The Peace Alliance, particularly as we have matured, has empowered our grassroots network to grow significantly. The latest DVD is simply excellent and you are the #1 reason! blessings and gratitude, Dot.

Dot Maver
Executive Director, The Peace Alliance

I have had the pleasure in working with Lupine Productions for the past five years with my theatre company, 'Children's Theatre Group of Southern California' and my summer camp program. The quality of their work cannot be compared, beginning with their state of the art sound system and two camera video equipment. They have always come prepared, friendly and efficient. The parents and actors are always excited to see the behind-the-scenes extra footage! I recommend them highly!

Sherry Lynn (Evans),
Artistic Director

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